Real-time & Embedded Systems Forum

Developing high-assurance architecture models, standards, validation and certification to assure dependability at multiple levels

The 正规靠谱赌博软件 Real-time & Embedded Systems Forum brings together core technology suppliers, integrators, 并以客户为主导开发体系结构方法和模型,为多层保证提供充分的证据, connecting architecture to engineering to mitigate risk and ensure dependability, secure reliable standards based on Mils™ that build-in core dependability at the operating system level, 以及标准api,使中间件和应用程序能够以一种保持相同级别的可靠性和安全性的方式与这些核心组件进行接口.

This approach, called Dependability through Assuredness™, 最终是否能够使依赖任务和安全关键系统的客户和终端用户减少系统故障和系统环境中安全漏洞的风险.

The 正规靠谱赌博软件 Real-time & Embedded Systems Forum provides a vendor-neutral environment where member organizations can:

  • Work with large customers, suppliers, integrators, and research institutes from around the globe in both the commercial safety-critical markets (medical, SCADA, Smart Grid) and mission-critical government markets (DoD, DHS, NATO) to understand requirements and promote standards based solutions in high assurance.
  • Network with a world-class community of experts and peers and grow professionally
  • 为高保证架构师和基于架构方法的产品解决方案拓展市场, standards and certification programs developed in the forum.

Vision & Goals

公开组活动是为有意透过科技标准达到商业目标的商业及科技专业人士而设. The 正规靠谱赌博软件 organizes conferences, member meetings, industry verticals, webinars and podcasts on a wide variety of topics.

Check our events calendar for upcoming events.

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Get Involved and Gain Influence in Defining Open Standards and Certifications

作为开放小组的成员,组织可以尽早获得有关开放标准和最佳实践的最新信息和发展, and enables them to participate in The 正规靠谱赌博软件’s highly influential Forums and Work Groups. We provide a collaborative, vendor-neutral environment where member representatives can:

  • Network with a world-class community of peers, experts and industry leaders
  • Have early access to information on industry developments
  • Gain insight for future decisions from both major customers and suppliers of IT
  • Influence outcomes that benefit their organizations
  • Grow professionally, and enhance their credibility in the industry
  • Receive education in best practices

Membership FAQs

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