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Leading the development of industry EA standards and reference models

The 正规靠谱赌博软件 Exploration, Mining, Metals & Minerals Forum is a global, vendor-neutral environment where members create Enterprise Architecture standards and reference models for the exploration, mining, metals, and minerals industries.

EMMM论坛的功能是通过围绕一个共同的运营模式进行协作,实现可持续的商业价值, and to support vendors in their delivery of technical and business solutions.

加入EMMM论坛是对组织成员权利的补充,必须单独安排. The benefits of joining The 正规靠谱赌博软件 EMMM Forum include:

  • 与同行协作,制定开放的资讯科技标准,并分享知识和资源
  • Achieve better alignment between business and IT 

  • Reduce risk 
and operational costs 

  • Easier compliance with regulatory and reporting requirements
  • Embed key business drivers, such as SHERQ (Safety, Health, Environment, Risk, Quality) into business processes

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公开组活动是为有意透过科技标准达到商业目标的商业及科技专业人士而设. The 正规靠谱赌博软件 organizes conferences, member meetings, industry verticals, webinars, 关于各种各样的主题和播客.

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